The History of the Northeast Houndsmen


As of 2015, Northeast Houndsmen has become a non-profit organization allowing us a more professional, public avenue for our work. We currently host K9 teams from western and central Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York and New Jersey.

The Northeast Houndsmens’ start began back in the mid-nineties when officers from the northeast area would get together with their K9’s to go over training scenarios and help each other with man-trailing issues once or twice a year. Our first “organized” event was a demonstration at a fundraiser for “The Bobbi Project” put on by a veterinary technician from the Tuft’s Veterinary Hospital at the Templeton Fish and Game Club in Templeton, MA. We were also fortunate enough to be hosted by the police department in Wellfleet for a seminar, allowing for training situations on beaches in which many of our officers and K9’s were not familiar with.

In August of 2010, the unofficial beginning of “Northeast Houndsmen” was established as we held our first training seminar at the Deer Club in Gardner, MA and needed to put a name to the three day event. The seminar consisted of urban trailing, short and long trails, vehicle pick-ups, and a nine-mile manhunt through Harvard Forest using six man-tailing teams.

Since 2010, we still focus on scenario training and problem solving in man-trailing, but have also incorporated boat/water and explosives trainings with both patrol dogs and bloodhounds. We have also included a manhunt scenario using both disciplines to apprehend a subject after a 10 mile trail.

We, the Northeast Houndsmen, always include the community as the purpose of our K9 teams is to assist in community action for missing persons and man-trailing. We do many demonstrations for schools, public events, scout troops, etc. One does not need to be an officer to participate in the training seminar weekend as the Northeast Houndsmen are avid supporters of training owners and their man-trailing K9’s.


Northeast Houndsmen exists to assist communities by training dogs and their handlers to excel in the rescue or recovery of those in need as they work in conjunction with law enforcement agencies to bring about a successful conclusion to a search. The organization is committed to constantly improving their expertise through continued training, education, and sharing of ideas/ expertise to promote team effectiveness and unity. Community outreach and education is also a prime responsibility of the organization.